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A short film by Yiannis Alexiou




Based on a true story, my main goal creating this film was to reflect reality. To highlight how women and children, especially in small traditional societies around the world, can be physically and mentally abused silently. But most importantly to show the tragic impact that fear of social judgment has on their lives.  

Kalimera - Trailer

Poised indie film review


Movie Review by: Frederick Ryde

"Yiannis Alexiou’s performance of Aris’ is convincing and appropriately layered. From Aris’ performances at his acting classes, his relationship with colleagues and patients, to his love affair with Richard, Alexiou’s executes a multidimensional character that realistically adapts to his environment. It was not surprising to learn that Alexiou’s is also credited for the screenplay which is equally layered and convincing".

Poised - Trailer

Adam & Eve - Trailer


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